Cressi Scorfano Wetsuit 5mm Size M

-No purge hole in the hood
-Only in 5mm
-Has to be wet to put on
-Good price
-All seams are covered in LIQUID SEAL
-Sealed at all openings to minimize water entry
-Good design
-Only sold in Europe

Size M fits: 165-175cm / 65-75kg

From Cressi
High-end costume incorporating a large amount of technical solutions some of them exclusive.
New design mimetic replica seafloor created from high-resolution photographs selected for the competition team Cressi among multiple options . Slightly distorted to combine the ability to camouflage with elegant aesthetics . Dark greenish hue ideal for shady areas of Mediterranean Posidonia funds and as for ocean floor too.
High density neoprene lining 100 % Ultraspan© very flexible and streamlined to improve comfort and adaptation and fast drying.
Traditional Interior microporous.
Axillary area for seamless mobility and optimal comfort.
Aquastop system in smooth neoprene inside bottom of the jacket to minimize the entry of water at this point and the high area of the pants. Trousers without breastplate for optimal comfort and expansion of the rib cage with Aquastop sash.
New load bearing Stepped oversized padding and anti -slip and tear resistant fabric.
Flat stitched seams and sealed LIQUID SEAL ensuring tightness and resistance to abrasion machine.
© Powertex broad protections on knees, shins and elbows.
Finishes face, wrists and ankles by neoprene micro sleeve smooth bore.
Jacket and pants available separately at 7 and 5mm
Cressi Scorfano Wetsuit 5mm Size M

Selling Price: US$399.00(tax incl.)

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