OMER Mini Micra Light

-Not as strong as UK or Ikelite.
-Only 1.5hrs. Burn Time
•Extremely Compact
•Quick Release belt Holster
•One hand Operation


•5 watt Bulb
•4 AA Battery Powered
•Wrist Lanyard

Extremely small flashlight powered by four AA alkaline batteries with a 5W bulb. Burning time is around 1.5hrs. Mini micra feature an exclusive quick release mechanism to carry the flashlight on the belt, and operate with just one hand. When you are hunting for rock fish like grouper you will need a light to find them under the rocks. Omer-Sub's Mini Micra Light is the perfect light for the job.
OMER Mini Micra Light

Selling Price: US$44.10(tax incl.)

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