Cressi Tracina Wetsuit 3.5mm Size M

Cressi Tracina

The Tracina is a brand new 3.5mm spearfishing wetsuit from Cressi. The wetsuit has been created with the exclusive new Cressi dark digital specter camo pattern. This pattern has been computer designed to make it more difficult for prey to create solid images, thereby confusing the wearer with the background.

The Tracina suit is constructed from super soft 3.5mm neoprene, using an anatomical cut to give the highest quality of fit.

The Jacket features a chest loading pad and has smoothskin watertight seals on the hood, wrist and waist as well as Powertex lining at the elbow and waist

The suit comes with high waist trousers that also feature watertight smoothskin seals at the ankles and waist as well as powertex reinforcements on the knees.

Key Features
•2 piece: Hooded Jacket and highwaist pants
•Reinforced knees and elbow pads
•3.5mm thickness
•open-cell neoprene (suggest using lube for donning wetsuit)
•sizes 2 - 7

Instructions for use:

As with all modern spearfishing wetsuits that focus on warmth and comfort, an open-cell neoprene is used. This almost raw neoprene rubber will not slide on when dry. It is strongly recommended to use a wetsuit lube when donning for maximum comfort and to avoid excessive wear or damage to the wetsuit. Personal body lubricants such as "Wetstuff Secrets" is ideal with a formula that is healthy on human skin and on neoprene rubber and importantly won't dry or ruin your suit material such as shampoos and other soap products.

How to lube:
Premix warm water and lubricant in a bottle which can be sprayed directly onto the inside surface of the suit before donning. Or poor the premix into the suit keeping exits closed and shake the liquid all through the suit to ensure a thorough spread of the lube. Then simply slide into the longjohns and then the jacket.

Sizes guide:
Cressi Tracnica size-guide

Wetsuit size / weight / Height / Chest / Waist

size 2 :60-70kg 166-171cm 84-92cm 72-78cm
size 3 :70-80kg 171-176cm 92-105cm 78-86cm
size 4 :80-90kg 176-181cm 95-110cm 83-91cm
size 5 :90-99kg 181-186cm 100-115cm 89-97cm
size 6 :100-115kg 186-191cm 116-120cm 95-105cm
Cressi Tracina Wetsuit 3.5mm Size M

Selling Price: US$349.99(tax incl.)

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