Cressi 3mm Parma LG with Grip

Short 3 mm Boots
Super Elastic and Ultra Durable Nylon ll Neoprene Rubber
Grip Sole Design: Non-Slip on Wet Surfaces such as Boat Decks and Slipper Ladders
Built-to-Last with Glued-and-Sewn Seams for Strength and Durability
Extremely Comfortable with a Grip Sole Design

These socks are great for either full foot or open heel fins. Cressi's Palma Long 3 mm socks are manufactured from a super elastic and ultra durable nylon 3 mm neoprene rubber. The socks are lightweight and a great addition to the traveling diver's gear bag. Socks are extremely comfortable with a grip sole design to assist with non-slip on wet surfaces such as boat decks and slipper ladders. The Palma are built-to-last with glued-and-sewn seams for strength and durability.
Cressi 3mm Parma LG with Grip

Selling Price: US$22.00(tax incl.)


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