NEW!! Riffe G2 VELOC Fiberglass Composite Long Blade Fins

Riffe’s Next Generation (G2) Digi-tek©, Covi-tek©, and Pelagi-tek© Composite Fiberglass Fin Blades are now available with The VELOC, our new streamlined fit, flexible TPR foot pocket. Lightweight and comfortable in a wide range of sizes.

Riffe’s Composite Fiberglass Fin blades are certain to exceed consumers expectations regarding function of a high performance composite blade with the added benefit of durability.

* 38/39 (4-5)
* 40/41 (6-7)
* 42/43 (8-9)
* 44/45 (10-11)
* 46/47 (12-13)

* Compatible with most current freediving blades on the market.

Three translucent camo designs: Digi-tek, Pelagi-tek and Covi-tek
2 year warranty against manufacturers defects (see details below)
Features large fin rails – radial design
Foot rails help hold fin blade in foot pocket
Water channeled efficiently across fin surface
Diver may use with or without foot rails
Foot pockets and blades also sold separately
Compatible with Riffe / Pathos / Omer footpockets (slight modifications required)
25º angle, 34.5″ (87.6cm) length
** Our Composite blades are covered under a 2 year “Limited Warranty”. We reserve the right to inspect the fins and determine whether or not the damage was due to abuse/misuse or a structural defect. Any fail in the blade during normal use is covered under this warranty.

Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original owner with proof of purchase and warranty does not cover damage to rubber rails, foot pockets and surface scratches. Additional restrictions may apply for commercial spearfishing.
NEW!! Riffe G2 VELOC Fiberglass Composite Long Blade Fins

Selling Price: US$419.00(tax incl.)

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