Cressi Gorgona Mesh Bag

The Cressi Gorgona Mesh Bag is great for hauling virtually any dive equipment, even the heavy stuff. The duffel-style mesh bag is made of durable 70% polyester mesh and 30% 600-D polyester PUX2 material that lets water drain easily. Roomy enough and strong enough for a full set of gear, it is an ideal gear-hauler for live-aboard use or for carrying dive suits separately. The mesh bag is also excellent for carrying rental equipment when resort diving. It folds compactly into a round bag with handle and is easy to store in your suitcase or main dive bag, ready when you need it. Bag is equipped with YKK zippers. Padded full wrap-around carry handles make hefting the load that much easier.

Great thing about a mesh bag is that when you get to the wash tank on the dock after a day-of-diving you can submerge the entire bag in the tank and rinse you gear while still-in-the-bag. You can then let the gear drip-dry on the way home or back in the hotel shower when on vacation. The Cressi Gorgona Mesh Bag dimensions are long enough to pack even the longest freediving fins and measures 14.96" x 14.96" x 37.9" (38 cm x 38 cm x 96 cm), has a volume of 8,457.5 cubic inches (138.6 liters) and weighs 1.65 lbs. (748.4 g) when empty.

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This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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Cressi Gorgona Mesh Bag

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