NEW!! Cressi Apache 75cm Speargun

・AQUASMITH is the only place where you can fully customize your speargun.
・We can switch your bands to fit your personal specifications for FREE.
・Shafts can also be changed to size and diameter.
・Only AQUASMITH provides 800 lb tested line wishbone as STANDARD set ups.
・Line wishobone is much safer for the shooter, more silent and causes no damage to your speargun.
•We can provide warranty services as an authorized Cressi dealer.

-Only comes with closed muzzle
-No rail / Shaft guide

-Great for begginers
-Easy to maneuver
-Great price
-Easily upgraded

The Cressi Apache Spear Gun is an entry level small and compact gun for small to medium fish or as a second gun when hunting big fish. Cressi is world renowned in the spearfishing scene and has consistently manufactured top spear guns in the industry for many years. This gun is an excellent choice where fishing in holes, around rocks, shallows and where the quarry is in close proximity. The Apache incorporates a closed muzzle, which helps with ease of loading and improved accuracy. The sealed 26mm (1") barrel is anodized for enhanced corrosion resistance, while the ergonomic molded handle permits easier maneuverability and quick muzzle pointing. The 13mm (0.5") power band is fitted with a standard stainless steel wishbone and the gun includes the widely preferred Tahitian style tip with flopper shaft barb.

The gun handle has a safety for the trigger mechanism and a line drop. The 6.5mm (0.26") stainless steel shaft has dual notches for variable loading power or an additional band for more power. The gun is available in multiple lengths from 35cm to 75cm (13.8" to 29.5"). So if you're new to spear fishing or you need a second gun when hunting big game the Cressi Apache Spear Gun is an excellent choice.

The Cressi Apache Spear Gun is commonly used for Close To Shore, Small Prey, Warm Water and more. The Cressi Apache Spear Gun is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Cressi Apache Spear Gun: Accurate, Durable, Fast, Lightweight, Low Recoil.

NEW!! Cressi Apache 75cm Speargun

Selling Price: US$99.99(tax incl.)


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