NEW!! Cressi Moicano 95cm Speargun

・AQUASMITH is the only place where you can fully customize your speargun.
・We can switch your bands to fit your personal specifications for FREE.
・Shafts can also be changed to size and diameter.
・Only AQUASMITH provides 800 lb tested line wishbone as STANDARD set ups.
・Line wishobone is much safer for the shooter, more silent and causes no damage to your speargun.
•We can provide warranty services as an authorized Cressi dealer.

The Cressi Mohicano Brown Hunter Speargun is the result of continuous fine-tuning and the search for perfection. Special, camouflage color anti-corrosion aluminum tubes eliminate any bending of the barrel, even on the long models and provides stealth while on the hunt. Extremely modern, new generation thermoplastics guarantee very light and non-deformable point and handgrip, for incredible firing precision. The highly compact, hydrodynamic point makes it possible to lower the positioning of the bands, in order to optimize the forward thrust and guarantee perfect visibility and rapid and precise aiming at the same time.
NEW!! Cressi Moicano 95cm Speargun

Selling Price: US$199.95(tax incl.)

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