OMER Cayman HF 3D Speargun

・AQUASMITH is the only place where you can fully customize your speargun.
・We can switch your bands to fit your personal specifications.
・Shafts can also be changed to size and diameter.
・Only AQUASMITH provides 800 lb tested line wishbone as standard set ups.
・Line wishobone is much safer for the shooter, more silent and causes no damage to your speargun.
•We can provide warranty services as an authorized OMER dealer.


-Good balance gun in the water
-Very accurate
-Very powerful
-Easy to maneuver
-Good for beginner to professional

Gun produced using "Hydroforming" technology
•"cuttlefish bone" shape
•Features the Cayman handle
•The muzzle allows the use of a single or doubled circular sling
OMER Cayman HF 3D Speargun

Selling Price: US$259.99 - US$269.99(tax incl.)

Prices vary according to options.


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