Salvimar Delux Float

The Salvimar Deluxe Float has been designed to ensure that you'll be seen and be safe. The Salvimar Deluxe Float features a torpedo style design for ease of towing through the water even in rough surface conditions. The Salvimar Deluxe Float comes with both the CMAS, European, and the Alpha, Aussie, dive flags as well as a 20m float rope which has plastic clips on each end for quick attachments.

The Salvimar Deluxe Float comes with seven universal adjustment connectors that allow any kind of additional equipment like spare spearguns and accessories, such as fish stringers and flash lights to be attached to the float. The float is manufactured with a durable plastic inner bladder and a tough external fabric external cover for durability. The external fabric cover is manufactured in a bright safety orange colour making it highly visible even from afar. The float is filled with air via the nozzle and gives the added advantage of being able to be emptied when traveling to minimise the floats bulk and size.

The Salvimar Deluxe Float has been specifically designed for the spearo and freediver by incorporating a stream lined torpedo styled float which will glide effortlessly through the water and allow you to easily tow it behind you without feeling like your pulling a truck.
Salvimar Delux Float

Selling Price: US$49.99(tax incl.)


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