OMER Kanaloa Speargun

・AQUASMITH is the only place where you can fully customize your speargun.
・We can switch your bands to fit your personal specifications for FREE.
・Shafts can also be changed to size and diameter.
・Line wishobone is much safer for the shooter, more silent and causes no damage to your speargun.
•We can provide warranty services as an authorized OMER dealer.

-Metal line anchor is weak
-Thick 6.7mm shaft

-Good price
-Simple, and accurate railgun
-Comes with rest tab shaft
-Comes with Rubber butt for easier loading
-Comes with ergonomic handle

Developed with input by OMER team divers in Hawaii specifically for hunting in Hawaiian waters.
•Featuring an open muzzle and a silver anodized integrated rail Cayman aluminum barrel joined to a Cayman handle.
•This handle is the most reliable, comfortable, safe trigger mechanism on the market today.
•Kanaloa comes stock with an American 17/64" (6.75mm) threeshark fin shaft with cheater tab which also features our penetration cone.
•The rubber "comfy butt" makes loading more comfortable and the hand-tied single rubber comes with a soft wishbone.
OMER Kanaloa Speargun

Selling Price: US$229.99 - US$259.99(tax incl.)

Prices vary according to options.


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