Ikelite Mini PCm 2 LED Dive Lights

-Only 1.5 hr battery life

-Super compact
-Very strong

Ikelite PCm (2nd Gen) LED Lite
•Compact Pocket Size Light
•205 Lumens Brightness
•5 Watt High Intensity LED
•Spot Beam

Ikelite PCm 2 LED Dive Lights Water Proof The 1760 PCm Series Mighty Mini LED Dive Lite w/ Batteries from Ikelite is a compact, corrosion-resistant underwater LED light. FEATURES Featuring a light output of 205 Lumens and a burn time in excess of 5 hr, this light is also depth rated down to 295' (90 m). It runs on 4 AA cell alkaline batteries (included). A unique lock ring slides effortlessly to open the light for battery changes, and secures with a snap to prevent accidental flooding. There is also a locking switch for storage. TECHNICAL FEATURES Lock Ring: Prevent Flood/Change Battery Includes: Locking Switch for Storage Batteries: 4 AA cells: Alkaline Dimensions: 2.0 x 4.0" (5.1 x 10.2 cm)
Ikelite Mini PCm 2 LED Dive Lights

Selling Price: US$62.10(tax incl.)


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